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Our Mission

We aim to improve the lives of youth presenting with disruptive behaviors and to reduce burden associated with disruptive behaviors for youth, families, and society. To achieve this aim, we have four complementary lines of research.

Why Do Disruptive Behaviors Develop?

We examine developmental mechanisms and risk and protective factors that contribute to the development of disruptive behaviors.

How Do We Get Interventions to Youth?

We examine and evaluate implementation strategies to successfully and sustainably implement effective interventions into routine child-serving systems. 

How Do We Effectively Intervene?

We develop, evaluate, and optimize interventions to decrease disruptive behaviors. Part of this work involves tailoring interventions for youth who do not respond well to standard interventions.

Who Are We Missing or Not Serving? 

We identify inequities in mental health care access and utilization for diverse youth to inform efforts to address barriers and reduce inequities.

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